A Journey To Wholeness

Being Harriet

A Book by Harriet McEntire-Lanka

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About Harriet

Harriet McEntire-Lanka is an author, speaker and motivator who loves to use her passion for practical wisdom and truth to help people navigate their lives with peace, clarity and greater levels of wholeness.

Her life and its wisdom are the lessons she teaches, as she’s navigated many types of roads and healing experiences in her life, thus cultivating a deep wisdom, self love and sense of humor along the way, that she hopes to share with others.

In addition to her passion and focus on living her best life, Harriet holds space for people to feel and heal themselves, not only through her writing, but also through owning her 16 year old day spa & wellness center in Park City, Utah and a new healing center in Costa Rica, the Lanktuary, opening in June of 2019. She has a gift for being real with herself and others as a pathway to feeling and healing her own body and emotions, and she aspires to help others get real, heal themselves and move on in their lives so that they too can walk in emotional healing, resiliency and mastery of the self.

Harriet now lives in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica with her husband Adam and beautiful daughter Aurora May, and together they host workshops, healing ceremonies and intimate writing retreats for individuals and couples at the Lanktuary. It’s a place where guests have the opportunity to slow down, tune into themselves, align their energy fields and be inspired and guided to heal, write and share their own story as a pathway to igniting their own self love & healing. Because we all have valuable stories and experiences in us that want to be witnessed, heard and released into the world.

Harriet looks forward to meeting you in the pages of her book, Being Harriet, or in a yoga class, workshop or retreat in Costa Rica at the Lanktuary.










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